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Quinta do Lago Event Tokens

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Introducing the Quinta do Lago Tokens, a convenient and exciting way to enhance your experience at our events! Each token is valued at 3€ and can be used at our "Picnics in the Park" and "Movies in the Park" events. These Tokens are non-refundable and offer a seamless way to enjoy food, beverages, and more during your visit.

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Before buying, please read this terms & conditions carefully:

Terms & Conditions

  1. Purchase Online: You can only buy Quinta do Lago Tokens online through this page or at the event itself.
  2. Receive QR Code: To view the QR code, please click the "View token" button in the email. Only then can you print it. This code is essential for exchanging your digital purchase for physical Tokens.
  3. Exchange at Event: Bring your QR code (either in paper or digital format) to the event. At designated exchange points, present your QR code to receive your Quinta do Lago Tokens.

  4. Enjoy the Event: Use your Tokens at various booths and vendors at the "Picnics in the Park" and "Movies in the Park" events.

Important Information

  • Non-Refundable: Please note that the Quinta do Lago Tokens are non-refundable.
  • Mandatory QR Code: It is mandatory to bring your QR code, either printed or on a digital device, to exchange for the Tokens at the event.
  • Please note that you can redeem your tokens at the event until the last Picnic in the Park on 23rd August 2024. After this date, your tokens will be invalidated.

Start with 10 Tokens!

Not sure how many tokens to buy? Here’s a helpful guide to make your decision easier. Remember, you can use your tokens at any of our "Picnics in the Park" or "Movies in the Park" events!
If you’re planning to enjoy just drinks, 10 tokens should be sufficient. 
If you’re planning to have dinner, you might want to consider buying 20 tokens. 

Our recommendations:
•    10 Tokens: Great for a couple of drinks and a snack.
•    20 Tokens: Ideal for dinner and a couple of drinks, with some treats.
•    30 Tokens and more: Perfect if you plan to enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks, or if you’re attending with friends.

Remember, any unused tokens can be saved and used at future "Picnics in the Park" or "Movies in the Park" events!

Enhance your Quinta do Lago experience with ease and enjoy all the delightful offerings with our convenient coin system. Buy your Tokens today and get ready for an unforgettable time at our events!